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SPE’s substantial tooling capabilities and a wide range of CNC and Robotic press brakes enable our team to bend stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and most ferrous and non-ferrous metals in almost every combination requested by plastically deforming the material to change its shape.

The bending department boasts the following:

  • 1 Off Tool Room fully stocked with hundreds of tools for most material gauges and bending combinations;
  • 2 Off Press brake 7 axis 80-ton 2500mm;
  • 1 Off Press brake 7 axis 130-ton 3000mm;
  • 1 Off Press brake 5 axis 100-ton 3000mm;
  • 2 Off Press brake 7 axis 220-ton 4280mm;
  • 3 Off Press brake 3 axis 35-ton 1200mm;
  • 1 Off Fully Automated Robotic Bending System 130ton 3000mm.
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